"My Simple Swing Thoughts"

"My Simple Swing Thoughts"

"My Simple Swing Thoughts"

Coach Michael's Basic Swing Thoughts

"Visualize the flight of the ball flying down the target-line. Feel the body supporting the movement of the club through the impact area."

"Maintain the Proper setup to the target;lllll Mind, Body and Club Face."

"Apply an Unforced Hinge at the top of the back swing. Feel the weight of the clubhead." 

"Let the Shoulders/Chest initiate the turn through the ball. Keep the arms extended."

"Release the club down, through and up as you turn through the swing; Fingertips to and through the impact area." 

"Relaxed tension Grip pressure. Release the club through impact. Allow the body to support the movement of the club." 

"Extend the arms with a slight twist through the impact area to square the club face."

"The focus should be on the lead arm and angled wrist extending past the ball position with rotation."  

"Remember to reduce your swing thoughts on the course down to one or two."

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